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Living in Turkey - a long-term resident or new to the area...

...ask if we can help.

Helpful, free advice & support on anything to do with day-to-day living anywhere in Turkey. A mixture of local and foreign advisers with extensive experience are available 24 hours a day.

Our team regularly assists local foreign residents in a wide variety of situations. Simple requirements such as making a will or applying for residence can be arranged in a single visit and usually without an appointment.

...need more specialist help.

More complex matters such as dealing with the legalities of your property may need some time to sort out.

Serious matters such as death and divorce will probably also require good sound advice from a legal professional such as a lawyer. Don't worry if the latter applies to you as we have access to a panel of suitably qualified lawyers to cater for every situation. If you request, we can also follow the progress of your case and report back to you regularly with the developments in your case.



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Not in Turkey? No Problem.
Wherever you are in the world your questions will be answered by an adviser either by telephone or e-mail, usually within one working day.

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Call: 009-05318-560-546 in Turkey

Call: 0044-(0)207-078-7443 in the UK

Call:00353-(0)1657-14-75 in the Republic of Ireland

Fax: 0044-(0)7092-809-909 (all locations)


We're available 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Turkish time) Monday to Friday.

Out of hours emergency contact: 009-0256-612-3207

Registered in Turkey as a charitable association No. (Kütük No.) 09.017.134