Getting Around

The first thing you will notice when you arrive in Turkey is how modern the airports are.  Over the last twenty years the country has made considerable investments on its infrastructure.

Turkey has domestic flights to all of its major cities and tourist areas and the highway system crisscrosses the entire country.

There are regular coach services to any region of the country and even on the short trip from Kusadasi to Izmir tea, coffee, a sandwich and biscuit are included in their low prices.  You also have wifi and variours television programs that you can enjoy on your trip.

In towns and cities people go from A to B on a local Dolmus.  These are usually white mini-vans which run every 5-10 minutes, and travellers can get off anywhere along the route before it reaches its final destination.

Travelling by train is becoming increasingly popular as there have been huge improvments that are still on-going on the railway networks.

Most of the major cities have underground metros which are relatively simple to use once you get a map and know where you are going.

Yellow taxis are everywhere and you will not have to walk far to find a taxi rank.  You may also hail one in the street and there are even taxi buzzers on street corners which you press and wait for your taxi to turn up.  All taxis should have working digital-display meters.

Turkey has its own domestic ferry routes and especially in the coastal regions, you can take a short ferry ride to many of the Greek Islands.

Overall it has to be said that getting around in Turkey is simple – with many choices of transportation. You will be surprised at how modern and professional the coaches, ferries and train services are, and how well your needs are catered for when you do use these services.

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