Last minute … Deadline for Habitation Amnesty is extended

Murat Kurum the Minister of Environment and Urbanization has announced that the deadline for citizens to avail of the Habitation Amnesty has been extended from 31 October until 31st December 2018.

The ministry has stated that as “of today, approximately 8 million 150 thousand citizens have applied and the cost is about 5 billion 120 million pounds.” They have also stated that they expect the number of applications to reach between 13-14 million.

In the past many people took it for granted that if they had a habitation certificate their property was legal. It is important to note however; that even though you may have a habitation certificate for your property, if you or the previous owners have made changes to that property without permission then your property will need a new habitation certificate to cover the changes…

Whatever the reason that your property is deemed illegal, then you can avail yourself of this temporary amnesty.

If you would like assistance on this very important matter then contact The Advice Centre either by phone: 0090 256 612 3207 or 0090 531 8560 546 (24 hour) or by email.