Escape to the Country

Turkey is known to be the centre of civilization where you will find ancient sites and relics everywhere you turn and in fact Gobeklitepe, in Gaziantep, is the oldest civilization site in the world.

It is not only in the cities and towns where you can relocate or retire to in Turkey, but the countryside offers a wide choice of great destinations for a rural retreat. Secluded locations of most Turkish country houses can offer total privacy, but at the same time the surrounding countryside has plenty of activities and attractions.

Izmir province has a typical Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and mild winters, providing a long tourism season.  Most of the year the weather is so ideal that one can live outside.  Meals can be taken on the terrace and walks can be enjoyed in the spring, autumn and winter – even on cooler days, people switch on a terrace heater and shelter from the wind to enjoy the winter sun.

Situated in the Aegean region along Turkey’s West Coast you will find many hidden gems like the one illustrated. If you fancy a perfect place for summer retreat or a forever home then these two original stone homes could be for you.

The two original style country houses are on an 8000 m2 plot of olive land. Located approx 45 minutes east of Izmir city they are set in the country side of Kemalpasa. The villages of Ornekoy, Cinarkoy and Kavaklidere are nearby and here you will find fantastic unobstructed views of the surrounding land and mountains. There are 250 olive trees on the grounds and the parcel of land is complete with a secure concrete and mesh fence surround.


Kemalpasa’s proximity to Izmir gives plenty of opportunity to head for the big city for shopping, tours activities or social life. The mountain passage at Karabel where the Hittite monument is located has been arranged into a picnic area and the remains of Vatatze’s palace attract many visitors. It is also a superb location for trekking and outdoor activities.

One popular spot at a distance of a few kilometers to Kemalpasa center is the “Kazakh Valley” or “Kimiz Farm.” Located near the forests on the slopes of Mount Nif and arranged around Central Asian themes, complete with a yurt (nomadic tent) built in concrete, serving Kazakh/Uzbek food and reputed to have one of the best offers of the ancestral drink kimiz in Turkey. A stock farm within the establishment provides visitors or accomplished riders with the opportunity to ride Haflinger horses.

This property currently for sale here comprises of:

– 150m2 includes two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom.
– Original stone + wood design.
– Fireplace and wooden floors.
– Nature, mountain + village views.
– 30m2 terrace + 10m2 winter garden.
– Alarm system + outdoor lighting.
– Outside storage + hobby house.
– Pine + fruit trees close to the house.

– Large duplex 200m2 house – 2 bedrooms,living room, kitchen and bathroom.
– 20m2 terrace + 15m2 winter garden.
– Original stone, glass + wood design.
– Kohle heater system. Heating in all rooms.
– Fireplace and wooden floors.
– Nature, mountain + village views.
– Car parking, 20m2 outside storage depot and 20m2 security house.
– Alarm system + outdoor lighting.
– Dog kennel + a small enclosure for animals.

If you would like more information about this property in particular and other properties in general that are on offer, please go to and you too could soon be living in your dream home.