Turkey lifts many restrictions as of June 1st

On June 1st Turkey’s President announced that restaurants and cafes can reopen and that restrictions on intercity travel will be lifted. However; for those over 65 and under 18 years old for now, restrictions will remain in place.

Some of the changes you will find when you go out today are as follows and I must thank Fethiye Area News for their translation of the details below.

The Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, has stated what the precautions to be taken in businesses that provide food are. They will be applicable in Restaurants, Lokantas, Cafes, Patisseries, Pastry Shops, Dessert Shops and Food and Beverage Services, they are as follows:

The temperature of those entering the establishments will be measured. Those with a temperature higher than 38oC will not be allowed inside and they will be sent to the health facility whilst wearing a medical mask. fan

People will be admitted according to the social distance plan.

A sign containing capacity of the establishment is to be hung at the entrance.

Hand antiseptic will be made available at the entrance of the facility and the guests will clean their hands before entry.

Customers and guests without a mask will not allowed inside. If they do not have one, then, a mask should be available and given to them, guests have to wear a mask when they get up and leave the table, the only exception is when eating food or drinking.

Masks will be kept at the establishment and it will be provided by the establishment when required.

Payment will be charged as contactless whenever possible, or if the payment machine is used by the customer it will be disinfected after each use.

In the payment areas, a barrier will be installed between the cash machine and the guest, or a face shield will be used by the personnel receiving the payment.

Tables in the facility will be arranged in accordance with the social distance plan.

Social distance and seating rules will not be applied to people who come as a family or group.

There will be a 1.5 metre space between tables serving food.

A distance of 60 cm will be maintained between chairs that are adjacent to each other. Cross sitting arrangements should be applied on tables smaller than 70 cm by sitting opposite or two tables should be combined to increase the sitting distance. fan

Table layout rules are applied for each table regardless of the table shape (square, rectangle or circle).

Tables in the form of a bar table with seating side by side, arrangements should be made so that the distance between the chairs is 1 meter. Bar tables where the staff and the customer are directly face to face should not be used.

Each table will have hand sanitizer or cologne.

In places where there is an open buffet a barrier will prevent access by guests. The buffet service will be done by staff. fan

Social distance markings will be made within the establishment.

İf there is an elevator in the establishment, social distance marks should be made at 1 meter intervals inside the elevators, and their capacity should not exceed one third of their total capacity, written information should be provided.

Beverage machines, coffee, juice etc, will be removed.

İtems such as salt shaker, napkin holder, menu etc will be disinfected after each use. If possible, disposable sugar, salt and napkin holder will be used.

Hand antiseptic will be put in general use areas and at the toilet entrances.

Staff will be informed and trained about Kovid 19. Service personnel and staff will take care to keep distance rules and avoid contact with patrons during service.

All staff members temperature will be measured every day.

Personal protective equipment will be provided to the personnel.

Staff clothes will be cleaned daily. The contact details should be recorded for people who are temporarily accepted into the facility due to supply or other reasons (repair, maintenance etc etc.) In addition, these people should perform their operations by maintaining the social distance rule and by using protective equipment.

The rest area of ​​the staff will be arranged according to the social distance plan, it will also be cleaned and disenfected often.fan

A minimum level of contact will be maintained with the people who deliver the goods.

The entire establishment will be constantly cleaned with at the least bleach diluted to 1:100

Toilets will be cleaned frequently and a record will be kept of the frequency of the cleaning. Hand drying fans will not be used in the toilets and disposable paper towels should be used.

If possible, the entrance doors of the public toilets should be an automatic door system. If it cannot be regulated then frequent disinfection of the handles to the entrance doors should be provided.

Play aread reserved for children are not to be opened for use.

Periodic sterilisation of the ventilation and air conditioning system and other appliances such as washing machines will be provided.

Filters will be checked and replaced frequently. fan

Fans/Ventilators will not be used.

All foods are to stored in closed cabinets or covered.

To prevent cross contamination, cooked and uncooked products will not come into contact with each other.

Kitchen staff should pay utmost attention to cleanliness. Their hands should be constantly washed.

Visual information regarding the rules and hygiene practices that the personnel must follow in the kitchen should be displayed in a prominent location.

Service materials (such as plates, forks, spoons, knives, glasses etc) should be washed in the dishwasher. Kitchen personnel should wear work clothes and personal protective equipment during the work and they should wash their hands regularly.

İnformation boards with the Kovid-19 precautions and rules applied in the establishment should be arranged in the entrance hall or exterior of the facility and in general usage areas where guests and staff can easily see them.

The President also stated that “under the new normal order, let us not neglect masks, distancing and hygiene. These are three essential things for us”.