We can help protect your property during the current coronavirus pandemic

With the current uncertainty of red lists and expensive quarantine hotels on your return home, not knowing when you are going to be able to get out to your second home in Turkey again might be a cause of stress for you.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to have someone keep an eye on things, send you regular updates and photos, open the windows, let some air in, maybe give the place a quick clean and check for necessary repairs and maintenance?

We are currently assisting many non-residents to keep their homes properly cared for until such time as they can travel themselves. If you would like us to explain how we can help, please call +90 5419 010 682 or e-mail info@mypropertyturkey.co.uk with your enquiries.We are happy to chat with you and discuss any way we can help you to put your mind at rest in these frustrating times.

For your peace of mind, our services are provided by a team who are, mostly, themselves foreign citizens who have come to live in Turkey full time. All our services are monitored and regulated by The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre to ensure quality of care.