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Living in Turkey

Helpful, free advice & support on anything to do with day-to-day living anywhere in Turkey.

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Working in Turkey

Assistance with registering with social insurance, paying taxes and disputes with your employer.

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Buying & Selling property

A comprehensive package to guide buyers and sellers through the sales process.

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independent and confidential advice

Providing free, independent and confidential advice & support on all aspects of living, working, visiting, buying & selling property and investing in Turkey.

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Foreign Citizens Advice Centre Free, Independent and Confidential AdviceThe services of The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre are given independently and in the strictest confidence.

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  • Visa free travel for six European countries

    Hami Aksoy has stated that visa restrictions will be lifted for citizens of Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the U.K. This new policy will start on March 2 and will allow entry for up to 90 days per 180 day period. This will mean that tourists from these countries will no longer have

    February 20, 2020
  • Important Information
    February 15, 2020
  • Thinking of moving to Turkey? Need help with your residence application?

    Moving to Turkey can seem daunting if you’re totally new to the country, after all you are going to experience a new language and an entirely new way of life which will include a minefield of paperwork and officialdom. When relocating to Turkey  you travel first as a visitor usually on an Evisa and then

    February 13, 2020
  • Renewing your Residence and SGK

    Remember, when your Residence Permit expires and you have SGK, you will automatically be unregistered and your monthly payments will be temporarily suspended until you re-new your residence. You will still have to pay your back payments. When you renew your Residence you will have to visit your local SGK office and obtain the Provizyon

    January 17, 2020