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Living in Turkey

Helpful, free advice & support on anything to do with day-to-day living anywhere in Turkey.

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Working in Turkey

Assistance with registering with social insurance, paying taxes and disputes with your employer.

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Buying & Selling property

A comprehensive package to guide buyers and sellers through the sales process.

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independent and confidential advice

Providing free, independent and confidential advice & support on all aspects of living, working, visiting, buying & selling property and investing in Turkey.

About Us

Foreign Citizens Advice Centre Free, Independent and Confidential AdviceThe services of The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre are given independently and in the strictest confidence.

Registered in Turkey as a charitable association No. (Kütük No.) 09.017.134 (9-321647)

  • Re-registering with Turkish Telecommunications Companies

    As many people are aware Turktelecom, Turkcell and Vodaphone are updating the mobile phone and internet details for all foreigners. Any foreigner with a contract have until the 2nd of May to re-register with these providers or may face restrictions to their service. Turkcell You should recieve a message to your mobile phone from Turkcell

    April 18, 2019
  • Important Information with regard to the Land Registry Office

    It has come to our attention that until further notice, anyone who does not speak sufficient Turkish cannot sign for a property transfer at the Land Registry Office (Tapu). This includes both buying and selling. It appears that people have been using translators who up until now have been approved by the Land Registry but

    February 25, 2019
  • Gemalto awarded the new passport contract

    The new blue passport will be delivered under this contract and it will be the world’s first carbon neutral passport. It will include a complete redesign of the inside pages that will incorporate the latest developments in secure technologies to keep ahead of forgers and fakers. The 11.5 year contract has been awarded to Gemalto

    February 20, 2019
  • Bill paying made easy

    You may or may not be aware that at the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre we run a free bill paying service. Whether you are currently living in Turkey, rent out your property or visit, we can monitor, pay and dispute any of your bills. This service includes electric, water, telephone, mobile, council tax and insurance

    January 19, 2019