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Announced in the Resmi Gazette on 28/12/2023 , those temporarily importing their vehicle & holding a Residence Permit can now keep it in Turkiye for up to 4 years,[extended from 2 years]. It is also now possible at the end of the 4 years for the vehicle & owner both to exit Turkiye for at least 185 days & re import for a further 4 years..
Below is the the link to the Gumruk [Customs] page in Turkish, but here’s the translated version…

Decision No. 7999 on the Amendment of Decision No. 2009/15481 on the Implementation of Certain Articles of the Customs Law No. 4458 was published in the Official Gazette No. 32413 dated 28.12.2023.

With the regulation made, it is possible to re-grant these periods to the vehicles of retired citizens from abroad who reside outside the Turkish Customs Territory and retired foreigners who have received a residence permit in our country, without the need for the person or vehicle to go abroad, based on the application to be made before the completion of the periods given. In addition, our retired citizens from abroad who take their vehicles abroad after keeping them in Turkey for 4 years will be able to benefit from this right again if they stay abroad with their vehicles for at least 185 days.

In addition, with the said regulation, those who have used all the periods given or cannot meet the residence requirement; The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been added to the countries that will benefit from the one-month period given once a year for personal use land vehicles registered in the names of residents of the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries at their place of residence.
It seems that also those bringing in a phone from abroad will now not have the IMEI code disconnected at 120 days. This has been extended to 180 days.
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