NOTE: The laws can change frequently here in Türkiye. One rule can be implemented one week and change the following week.


Today being 1st February 2024, one month since the new ‘AirB&B’ rule came into force , owners or their acting agents can no longer continue under the GIYKIMBIL / KBS system to rent their property for short term letting & all owners must now register under the new system for their official Rental Permit.

As can often be the case the information stated in a couple of Turkish newspapers 10 days ago came to nothing & as of this morning no 12 month postponement to obtain the Permit has been announced by the Turkish Supreme Court in their official publication, who according to the papers the Tourism Board were applying to. The only exception was regarding ‘illegal builds’ which cover properties built on agricultural land & do not have the word ‘residential property’ stated on the Tapu. For these renting will be granted until 31/12/2024 without a Permit.

So now it’s to be assumed the postponement will not be forthcoming & owners wishing to rent their properties for short term lets need to move onwards & upwards to obtain their Rental Permit.

To this end all the known information including the new regulation in full & requirements to bring the rental property up to spec. to rent, along with long list of helpful Q&A’s & the link to register for the Permit via the e devlet website can be found in the first section [#1] of the Rental File via this link..
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